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Privacy Policy of General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817)

1. Information safety

Every paper is collected fro our website and generally send to peer review process. no third party is allowed in this process. author paper is 100% secure by this time.

2. Website Usage Information

2.1 At a time authors vists our website, they visit to individual pages will be tracked and recorded in web server log files (“Log Data”). The usage information we collect (using HTTP Cookies) includes referring URLs, browser and device characteristics, IP address, operating system, as well as dates and times of website visits.

2.2 Via the website, General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817) may offer via its website third party services, such as article recommendations, social login, social sharing, and banners to third party sites. The information which is collected by General Medicine when you access third party services is processed under this Privacy Policy, while information collected by third-party operators themselves will be governed by their own privacy policies.

2.3 Our websites may use Google Analytics to help us collect information about how visitors use our sites. We use this information to compile reports and to help us improve the sites. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to a site, where visitors have navigated to a site from and the pages they visit whilst on a site.

3. User Accounts, Registration and Personalized Services

3.1 To make use of personalized services, you will have to register a user account with our websites. During registration, we will ask you to provide some personal information, including, but not limited to, your name, valid e-mail address, affiliation, postal address, phone number, password, academic degree, position within your institution or organization, and your research interests. Some of this information is required to properly set up the user account for you to use all of General Medicine services.

3.2 General Medicine may use this information to fulfill our contract with you (e.g. the publication of your article). Furthermore, General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817) may also use this information internally, e.g., to evaluate and improve our business, respond to any questions, requests or comments you make, for targeted marketing purposes, or to identify and prevent fraud, claims or other liabilities.

3.3 General Medicine may contact you by e-mail to draw your attention to content that might be of interest to you (e.g. new services, products or publications) and for other advertising. If the personal information was provided to us by a third party, General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817) may still use this information in the same manner as described above. You will have the chance to opt-out of receiving such e-mails by unsubscribing.

4. Personal Data Information

General Medicine will never share your personal information with anyone nor with any third parties. Anyone can be subscribed to us and will get further information and announcement through the mail of General Medicine. General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817) takes steps to ensure your personal information is continued to be protected wherever it is stored and/or processed.

5. Your Rights

As a registered user, you can access your account at any time and make corrections or updates. In accordance with existing data privacy law, you may request the information that the General Medicine (ISSN: 1311-1817) holds or processes about you. On request, we will also provide you with a copy of all personal information that we possess about you. We will delete this personal information when you request to deactivate your account. However, some personal information may remain in storage for a certain period of time in order to comply with our (legal) obligations and to resolve disputes.