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[This article belongs to Volume - 25, Issue - 07]

A Framework for the Proposed Effect of Job Crafting Behaviors in the Relationships Between Job Demands and Job Recourses and Burnout at Work

This paper aims to provide a framework for addressing the moderating effect of proactive behavioral treatments called Job Crafting Behaviors (JCBs) on the established correlation between Job Demands (JDs) (i.e., Physical JDs, Psychological JDs) and Job Recourses (i.e., Staffing Adequacy, Social Support, Job control) and work-related burnout. However, although research on the association between job demands, job recourses, and burnout is well established, there aren't many on the significance of proactive behaviors. Furthermore, only a limited number of research have looked at the link between behavioral treatment and work-related burnout, job demands, and job recourses; few have looked at the function that JCBs play as a specific type of proactive behavior. Hence, this paper discusses relationships of Job Recourses, Job Demands on burnout by adding JCB as moderating factor. Consequently, a conceptual model grounded in the Job Demands–Resources (JD-R) theory is proposed for future empirical studies, contributing to the growing literature of research on JCBs and work-related burnout.