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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 03]

Assessing the Crime Risk Factors the Forensic Patients

Mental diseases can cause suffering put people at risk of being alone, and threaten their ability to make a living and it can lead to murders, for reasons that confirm that the mental patient is unaware of his actions, and many factors are involved in committing the crime. To assess Socio-demographic Information and the crime risk factors of the forensic patients. A descriptive study design was used to describe the variables and the relationships that occur among the determining crime risk factors the forensic patients. The research was conducted between the period from 10th November 2022 to 22th December 2022. The study has been conducted by collecting data for the researcher through the interview questionnaire to Forensic patients in Baghdad governorate At (Al-Rashad Training Hospital for 40 samples from the forensic medicine center). Convenience (non-probability) sample of (40) patients were selected from AL-Rashad Hospital Training (Forensic Center). The data was collected after obtaining the tacit consent of Forensic patients who have committed a crime, through the use of research tools. As for the type of crime, it was found that majority (80.0%) were non-violent. And for the person subjected to the crime, it was found that (45.0%) is the father. The vast majority of the sample was schizophrenia at a rate of (35,0%). The great number of times the crime was 1-3 Crime. The majority of samples have been arrested at the police station. As regards the Current type of mental illness, the most result of the samples was schizophrenia.