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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Association between anxiety, social dysfunction and coping strategies among mothers of children with cancer

Mothers of children with cancer often experience heightened levels of anxiety due to the emotional distress and uncertainty associated with their child's illness. The study investigate the association between anxiety, social dysfunction and coping strategies among mothers of children with cancer. A Correlational study was undertaken at the Middle Euphrates Cancer Center in Al-Najaf Al Ashraf Governorate from July 31st, 2022, to September 28th, 2023. The questionnaire's validity was ensured through expert consultation, and its reliability was established through a preliminary pilot study. Data were collected by structured interviews using the questionnaire and subjected to thorough analysis employing both descriptive and inferential statistical methods. A study found that the mothers with children diagnosed with cancer face psychological challenges. About 70.6% experience high anxiety, 65.7% have social difficulties, and 58.8% use ineffective coping strategies. The study also showed a significant association between coping effectiveness and reduced anxiety (r= -.466; p<0.001) and better social functioning (r= -.681; p<0.001). The study shows that the mothers of children with cancer face anxiety, struggle socially, and use ineffective coping methods. Using effective coping methods can reduce anxiety and improve social well-being. To help these mothers, targeted interventions and support services are necessary, emphasizing the importance of coping strategies.