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[This article belongs to Volume - 25, Issue - 07]

Attitude of Health Professional Students as Advocates for Organ and Tissue Donation: A Community Engagement Effectiveness Study

As organ transplantation serves as a rescue method for patients with terminal diseases, there is a huge demand for organ donation worldwide. This study assessed the attitude of health professional students as an advocate of organ and tissue donation. An interventional study design was adopted among the health professional students at a Medical University in Ajman. A validated, self-administered questionnaire was used to assess the attitude toward organ donation before and after a community engagement activity. Ethical approval was obtained before this study. The Wilcoxon Signed rank test was used to test whether there is any difference between the attitude scores between and after the community engagement activity. A statistically significant increase in the attitude of the participant towards organ donation (p<0.001) was found. The percentage increase in the attitudinal score after the community engagement activity was 13.5% in the younger age group and 6.6% among females. The students enrolled in the College of Medicine showed a significant increase in their attitudinal scores when compared to the students in other programs. The difference in the median attitudinal scores was statistically significant in students enrolled in programs under the College of Medicine and other programs (p<0.05). The study revealed that there was a significant rise in the positive attitude towards organ donation among health professional students after the community engagement activity. Organizing educational activities would improve and create the significance of organ and tissue donation. It may develop a positive attitude, willingness, and knowledge among health professional students, as they are future health providers.