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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 01]

Color change evaluation for single shade resin composites before and after in-office bleaching

This study aimed to evaluate the color change of single-shade resin composites before and after bleaching procedures, through instrumental analyses. The sample was randomly divided into two groups, initial color assessments were recorded for the teeth. Class V cavities were created on the buccal surfaces of 30 extracted human premolars, restored with single-shade composites (n=15, Harvard MultiChrome), and, conventional resin composites (n=15, Tetric N-Ceram) and the color was recorded after restoration. Subsequently a bleaching material containing 40% hydrogen peroxide was applied for 45 minutes and the color of both the tooth and the composite was recorded after bleaching. A spectrophotometer (VITA Easyshade V) was used to evaluate the color variations (ΔE) and statistically analyzed (P < 0.05). the color change ∆E values after bleaching was greater in the Multichrome composite group compared to the Tetric N-Ceram composite group (p=0.000). Data seem to indicate that single shade composites are able to shift their color when the surrounding tooth undergoes bleaching effects. Single-shade composites seem to achieve a decrease in the color change values with the surrounding tooth structure, before and after external bleaching.