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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Comparative study between the effect of Ketamine and Fentanyl on blood glucose level intraoperatively in laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery

Both anesthesia and surgery has been reported to affect blood glucose levels in humans, therefore; it is necessary to identify the effects of anesthetic drugs on blood glucose to give an idea about the level of stress during laparoscopic surgery. To identify the effect of ketamine as analgesic on blood glucose level intra- operatively in laparoscopic surgery compared to fentanyl as analgesic for same operations. A prospective clinical trial that included 50 patients from both genders with ASA I &II who were undergoing laparoscopic surgery; were divided into 2 groups each one had 25 patients; one group received fentanyl as analgesic and the other group received ketamine as analgesia. Blood sugar was measured intra-operatively and levels recorded to be compared between the two groups. The study showed that there is more increase in blood glucose levels in patients who received ketamine as analgesia than in those who received fentanyl as analgesia. Ketamine as analgesic had more significant effect on blood glucose intra operatively where it was noticed to raise blood glucose level more significantly than Fentanyl.