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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 01]

Differences of Mothers Discharge Readiness for Caring of Their Neonates in Relation Gestational Age

To determine the level of mother’s discharge readiness and identify their levels differences in relation to neonatal gestational age. “A cross-sectional quantitative design” loaded out to accomplish the goals of the study on sample consisting of (220) mothers admitted to four Pediatric Hospitals at Babylon Province, from June 20th, 2023, to December 10th, 2023. Indicate the level of mothers readiness for caring of their neonates was neutral (1.87). There is significant differences among mothers readiness toward their neonates in relation to gestational age at p-value <0.01. A modest level of mothers readiness to caring of their children. Health providers team in hospitals should focus on mothers who admitted to a hospital with their neonates to gained knowledge and practices about main issues for caring of their neonates, specifically risky babies, who need physical and emotional support and maintenance to keep survive.