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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Factors Influencing Neonatal Re-Admission in relation to Mothers’ Discharge readiness From Intensive Care Units

To determine the level of the mothers' discharge readiness, factors that influence neonate readmission and, find out the relationship between mothers' discharge readiness and factors that influence neonates readmission. “A cross-sectional quantitative design” loaded out to accomplish the goals, of the study consisting of (220) mothers admitted to four NICU in Pediatric Hospital at Babylon Province, from June 20th, 2023, to December 10th, 2023. The level of mothers’ readiness for caring of their neonates was neutral (1.87), the level of factors influence re-admission were neutral (1.90). There is a positive relationship between variables. A positive relationship between mother’s discharge readiness and factors influence. Modest level of mothers’ discharge readiness and factors influence. Health providers team in hospitals should focus on mothers who admitted to a hospital with their neonates to gained knowledge and practices and provide instruction about how caring of their neonates to prevent re-admission and possible complications.