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[This article belongs to Volume - 25, Issue - 06]

Gross anatomy visualization of imaging anatomic planes using virtual dissection system

The shape and structure of the human body is described through the planes of visual anatomy and imaging anatomy. There is a lack of gross anatomy visualization for the imaging anatomy planes. The aim of the present study was to visualize the gross anatomy planes of corresponding plane for the certain imaging anatomy sections using a virtual dissection system. The gross anatomy sections of oblique planes were visualized by suitable cutting using an Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table. An appropriate segmentation of the lumbar spine plane was established by turning on and off the image control option of scan volume visibility dialog, including the organ system, category, and structure. Unlike the typical cross-section plane, the vertebrae and vertebrae discs were fully separated and visualized. The paramedial plane of the thoracic and abdominal region was visualized by using sagittal cutting scheme. The location of the heart, liver and inferior vena cava appeared in the single plane. Using a virtual dissection system helps to understand the imaging anatomy section.