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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Impact of Breast Cancer and its Treatment on Psychological Aspects and Body Image for Women with Breast Cancer in Baghdad Province

Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer may result in physical and emotional distress due to fear of death, treatment side effects and feelings of social devaluation. Patients undergoing breast cancer treatment may suffer functional inability, altered self-image, loss of breast sensitivity, anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological alterations. The study aimed to assess psychological aspects and body image for women with breast cancer based on affect breast cancer and its treatment (stage of disease, type of treatment, and type of surgery). A descriptive cross-sectional study. Study data were collected from a convenience sample of (250) women with breast cancer in Baghdad City for the period from June 20th 2022 through Nonember31th 2023. The average age of the women was 46.83± 12.32 years. Most of the women undergone total mastectomy for duration 1-2 year ago. Most of the women also received chemo, radiation, hormonal, plus biological therapy. More than one half were diagnosed in the third stage of breast cancer. there are inverse correlations between women’s age and each of sleep, anxiety and depression, thinking, body image. Most women with breast cancer during treatment have moderate level of psychological aspects. Also, there is a significant relations between clinical characteristics; type of treatment, type of surgery, stage of disease of patients with breast cancer and psychological aspects and their body image. This study showed that anxiety and depression are the most common psychological aspects disorders in women with breast cancer. The body image and psychological aspects of women who had total mastectomy were negatively affected, and there was an important correlation between their body image and psychological aspects. Many Breast cancer survivors report changes in memory and overall cognition during or after chemotherapy or hormone therapies.