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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 03]

Internet Addiction among Secondary School Students and their Awareness of Its Impacts on Academic Achievement

Much previous research has discussed the negative effects of Internet addiction (I.A.) on secondary school students. Still, none of them has addressed a study that shows how aware these students are of these negative effects and whether their level of awareness impacts their usage behavior. This study aimed to 1) Detected secondary school students' I.A. levels; 2) ascertain the degree of secondary school students' awareness of the academic effects of I.A.; and 3) find out the association between secondary school students' I.A. and their awareness of its academic effects. For the present study, a cross-sectional descriptive method was employed. The study spanned from December 10, 2022, to December 30, 2023. A total of 765 secondary school students (375 boys and 390 girls) were recruited from ten secondary schools in the Babylon Governorate's districts and centers. Data was collected by interviewing participants and asking them to complete a structured questionnaire between October 5, 2023, and November 30, 2023. The results of the study revealed that (69.9%) reported having a high level of I.A. Males make up the bulk of Internet addicts (78.7%), and Sixth-grade participants had the highest scores on the I.A. (75.8%). The results of the investigation show that secondary school pupils have a high I.A. and there is no association between I.A. and awareness of its academic effects among the study sample.