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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 01]

Maternal Age and Birth Outcomes: A Study in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

There has been a recent surge in pregnant women aged 35 and above. Advanced maternal age is recognized to pose various risks to both the mother and fetus. This study assesses the association between maternal age and pregnancy outcomes among women admitted to Thumbay University Hospital in Ajman, UAE. This was a record-based study using a checklist. Four hundred ninety-eight participants were included in this study. A Chi-square test was performed on SPSS version 27 to assess the association between advanced maternal age and pregnancy outcome. 41% of the women were in the 30-35 age group, 27.9% in the>35 and 31.1% in the <30 age group. The association between the age of the pregnancy and the pregnancy outcome showed statistical significance where the percentage of a normal pregnancy with age <30 was 79.6%, 30 - 35 was 64.1% and <35 was 67.7%. The study concluded that the percentage of a normal pregnancy is likely to decrease with increased age. Women planning to conceive above 35 years should consult their doctors about the imposed risks on both the mother and her fetus. Pregnant women above 35 years should be looked after very carefully with regular visits and cautious diet and lifestyle modifications.