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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Nurses Practices Related to Competency in Management Brain Attack Patients

Nurses practices play important role in caring brain attack patients especially when nurses have competency in skills for recovery their patients with short term period. The study focused on Assess Nurses' competency in caring for stroke patients in term practices. The study consist of 140 nurse in duration between May 21th and August 10th, 2023, by using a non-probability sampling method. The questionnaire's validity and reliability were ensured through expert validation and a pilot study. The findings showed that respondents were primarily 69 female nurses, around 25-30 years old on average, had diplomas, and had less than 5 years of caregiving experience. Therefore high percentage of nurses have poor in practices according to their experience. Study underscores the significance of addressing a comprehensive in caring stroke patients effectively, the study recommends decision makers need to emphasize ongoing education and promote ongoing training opportunities for nurses to enhance competence in caring for patients with specific medical conditions like stroke.