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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 02]

Perception of nursing student regarding impacting factor of academic performance

Universities and colleges are useless without students who perform well academically. The most valuable resource for any educational institution is its students, and academic achievement or how well pupils fulfill the requirements is how any institution is judged to be successful. The study's goal was to characterize nursing students' perspectives of the variables affecting their academic achievement at Warith Al-Anbiyaa University, a private nursing college. A descriptive cross-sectional approach was conducted at Faculty of Nursing (1st of December,2022 to 20th of March, 2023). The content validity for instrument was determined by (8) experts in nursing field and statistics. A sample of (100) students from the College of Nursing was selected. The reliability of the questionnaire was determined through the use of Cronbach alpha which was (a=0.845) Data analysis was performed by applying a descriptive data analysis which as frequency, percentage. The result of the present study showed that more than two third of the sample perceived educational media and appropriate guidance and counseling as could contributing to improve the academic performance. While the family stressors have negative impact of academic achievement. Several factors have the crucial potential to improve students' academic performance such as educational media, appropriate counseling and communication skills The college administration should provide appropriate facilities for students as well as improve the college environment because it improves the performance of students. Activation of academic guidance and its role in overcoming the obstacles facing students.