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[This article belongs to Volume - 26, Issue - 03]

Physical Activity Pattern in Relation to Their Anthropometric Measurements Among Secondary Schools Students.

Physical activity (PA) is an important health behavior among children and adolescents, which is associated with many physical health benefits, whether in the prevention of ill health or in management of existing health conditions with strong relations between being physically active and good health. To assess the physical activity among adolescents, as well as to identify anthropometric measurements of students with relations. A cross- section descriptive study design was used through a period from 1st of January 2023 to 30th May 2023; in the Babylon governorate on a sample consisted of (1235) adolescents students at secondary schools selected by simple random stratified method. The data collected by using a modified version pf GSHS and analyzed electronically by using SPSS program Version 26. Majority of the students aged between (17-18) years old as male gender. Also the study found only (18.5) of adolescents doing sufficient PA, whereas (11.4) of adolescents risk for obesity. There was a significant association between adolescents' physical activity with their sex and fathers' occupation. After all, the prevalence of adolescents doing sufficient PA was low, and recommended to teach adolescents about the importance of physical activity and healthy diet.