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[This article belongs to Volume - 25, Issue - 06]

The Role of Job Crafting Behaviors in the Relationship Job Efforts, Job Reward, and Over-Commitment and Work-Related Burnout: A Proposed framework

Despite the fact that, the connection between job Effort Reward Imbalance (ERI), Over-commitment (OC), and work-related burnout is widely known, there are few studies on the impact of preventative actions. Furthermore, even though a few research has looked at the behavioral treatment's role in ERI, OC and work-related burnout relationship, few has examined JCBs role a one type of proactive behaviors. Additionally, several studies have looked at the effects of high extrinsic effort, low extrinsic reward, and job OC on work-related burnout. Hence, this paper discusses relationships of ERI, OC on work related burnout by adding JCB as both direct factor and moderating factor. Thus, a conceptual framework that is supported by both the ERI Model It is recommended for future empirical research and for adding to the quantity of knowledge regarding JCBs and work-related burnout.