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General Medicine (ISSN:1311-1817)

General Medicine (ISSN:1311-1817) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus indexed journal from 2001 to Present. It Publisher Meditsinski Universitet - Sofia. General Medicine is committed gathering and disseminating excellent research achievements, Inspiring medical innovation and Promoting the Development of Disciplines. GM welcomes all types of medical journal includes medicine, pharmacy, bio-chemistry, psychology,Public health etc.

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General Medicine (ISSN:1311-1817)

General Medicine, Pharmacy, Bio-Chemistry, Psychology Sciences and Public health:

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General Medicine (ISSN:1311-1817)

Millions of people throughout the world are affected by the chronic skin condition psoriasis, characterized by the anomalous spread of keratine cells and the development of erythematous scaly plaques on the skin. Its complex etiology is thought to Includes an unregulated immune system response, and psoriasis is characterized by a complex interaction between immune cells, keratine cells, and various pro-inflammatory mediators within the skin. Many cytokines play pivotal roles in causing Of these, the role of interleukin-17 has emerged as a major player in immune pathogenesis of psoriasis, the a

The furthermost communal inherited blood disorders in children are hemophilia, sickle cell disease, and α-thalassemia trait. Whereas, the problems can negatively affect functionality and range in severity on the children and adolescents’ health and quality of life. Which, pretend a significant health burden for them globally. Children's physical and mental health, as well as their performance and general quality of life, all benefit from getting enough sleep, where everyone from young children to the elderly, may benefit from better sleep. However, sleep disturbances are common in children

Pediatric inherited blood disorders are a subset of non-cancerous illnesses that generally affect children with different age groups. However, the major inherited blood disorders in children, including sickle cell disease, thalassemia, and hemophilia according to literature. Sleep disturbances are common in those children regarding to the symptoms, treatment and follow up, which cause to experience severe negative effects on their general health and quality of life. There are a number of efficient methods for lulling children to sleep. One strategy is to develop excellent sleep hygiene practic

The shape and structure of the human body is described through the planes of visual anatomy and imaging anatomy. There is a lack of gross anatomy visualization for the imaging anatomy planes. The aim of the present study was to visualize the gross anatomy planes of corresponding plane for the certain imaging anatomy sections using a virtual dissection system. The gross anatomy sections of oblique planes were visualized by suitable cutting using an Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table. An appropriate segmentation of the lumbar spine plane was established by turning on and off the image control op

Despite the fact that, the connection between job Effort Reward Imbalance (ERI), Over-commitment (OC), and work-related burnout is widely known, there are few studies on the impact of preventative actions. Furthermore, even though a few research has looked at the behavioral treatment's role in ERI, OC and work-related burnout relationship, few has examined JCBs role a one type of proactive behaviors. Additionally, several studies have looked at the effects of high extrinsic effort, low extrinsic reward, and job OC on work-related burnout. Hence, this paper discusses relationships of ERI, OC on